What Our Employee Says

"I love my job because I work with a team that I consider to be my extended family, I love my job because I can use my skills and abilities to build something amazing here at Excis I have the freedom to bring my ideas to work and agree with the rest of the team to make it happen, and I love the people they make our company great. Also working with team across all countries worldwide is amazing! it’s so much fun and give it my all because I simply love it … Excis might be banned soon as it’s addictive."

- Bert Uitterlinden

CEO - Owner
" I love working at Excis for many reasons: We work in a fun and motivating team with dedicated, skilled and multicultural colleagues. I love the variety. Every day is so different that I get to learn something every day. Lastly I am privileged to be part of such a successful team, our business growth is extremely inspiring. I look forward to many more exciting years! "

- Anna

" I love Excis because it has given me many fantastic experiences. "

- Finn

Co-Founder, Owner
" My Position allows me to deal constantly with all people either internal or external, I have been asked for opinions and ideas on a regular basis from both sides, and I am always more than happy to support because that’s is my job and it challenges me every day in different ways, this means it gives me an opportunity to tackle different things and extend my knowledge. I am allowed to grow and show my potential, I have the freedom to think outside the box and have all thoughts considered. I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference like Excis, Excis is opened to welcome any ideas and everyone is ready to make that idea happen to improve the growth of the company. You and your ideas are valuable, and when you feel that in a company, you really feel you are part of it and you are comfortable working for it. Ideas are welcome here and I have the opportunity to give mine in a daily basis "

- Theo

Head of Remote Services and Coordination
" It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. Working with Excis, I completely enjoy and love what I work. So in the end, I have work satisfaction and mind relaxation. "

- Kunal

Functional IT Lead, India
" Why should I say that I am exactly where I am supposed to be? Just because my role makes my professional path more and more interesting everyday. Working as a recruiter opens up my mind and working with Excis brightens up my lifetime. I know I am totally on the right track here. "

- Mireille Andrianarimanana

Human Resources Coordinator
"Working with Excis is like a dream come true. I love the team; communicating with customers and engineers across the globe has been a wonderful experience for me! Excis is a team of talented and skilled users which I am proud to be part of. It offers the opportunity to learn and practice both old and new knowledge within all areas. "

- Jemima Havelock

Service Manager
"Being proactive is always a greater responsibility for a creative mind. My high level of motivation and the new things I have learned have helped me achieve a great sense of satisfaction. Thank you to Excis for allowing me to continuously learn and Excel, I am grateful for this opportunity. "

- Valerian Quadras

Senior Global IT Transition Manager
"Working at Excis not only allowed me to use my skills but I got to improve them and pick new ones... while being a part of a great family!"

- Syndie HO YEW SANG

Quality specialist
"’I love my job at Excis. We are provided with a nice work culture, the best work-life balance, and the opportunity to interact with a diverse group."

- Santosh Kawatkar

Senior Transition Manager
"I've been given countless occasions to learn and grow. With Our Team, new challenges really become opportunities to acquire new skills "

- Johannes Manasse

HR coordinator
"Being part of the Our Team I am surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am passionate about the dynamic, fast-paced industry we work in. What I enjoy most is engaging with teams and partners from all over the globe and building valuable relationships. Within Excis, there is a good synergy among the staff making it an enjoyable atmosphere for us all to work in. "

- Raymond Ford

Supplier Relationship Manager
"I have had a very positive experience working with Excis these last 2 years. Excis is a growing company and I would like my dedication and passion to contribute to Excis’ success. I am very grateful to be a part of the Excis family "

- Chetan Amboskar

IT Analyst
"My role consists of different accounting tasks for different countries. Working at Excis is extremely interesting comparing to previous companies I worked for. I learn a lot on a daily basis and get exposed to different cultures as I work with Global teams. I find our work culture and office environment very friendly and supportive, we can connect with anyone irrespective of their designation and we all treat our colleagues equally. I always feel motivated and proud to work for Excis and love to be a part of such an awesome team.”

- Stuti Khandelwal

Account Executive
"My day to day role entails, but is not limited to, managing services and operations for my Project, managing large pool of Global engineers, and monthly project expense reporting and tracking. I love working at Excis because of the growth opportunity it has afforded me and I love working with Excis Global teams as I really have some amazing colleagues worldwide. "

- Aretha Kerileng Nairobi Motlhale

Service Delivery Manager
"I have a great passion for designing technological solutions with the help of programming and I am happy that excis gives the environment to explore and implement latest technologies and keeps me motivated to explore more. "

- Vivek Chavan

Senior Software Engineer

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