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Case Study - Wireless


What is Excis Wireless Service

Our wireless network solutions are designed to deliver wired-like connectivity performance in business premises where fast paced mobility is expected to be the norm. At Excis, we specialise in the planning, installation and management of all types of WiFi and wide area networks. Regardless of the size of your business, we offer the solution and expertise to help you get connected with a WiFi network that’s just right for you.

What our client required

  • The company was looking to refresh their end to end wireless infrastructure and its security for the manufacturing plant located at Fulda, Germany.
  • The requirement also included surveying the current wireless infrastructure for the signal coverage, deployment of Wireless access points and Centralized management.
  • They were also in need of Securing the access and segregating wireless networks for the employees, guests and contractors and using MDM (Mobile device management) for the contractors

Was it all easy

  • No! Not at all. Challenges were multiple. The location was mix of office space and manufacturing plant which was challenging to consider the indoor v/s outdoor environments.
  • Another major challenge was user signal coverage for the large manufacturing halls and high ceilings for the AP's to be mounted.
  • Selecting the AP models, understanding various types of users and their access controls.

What we did

  • Excis was successfully able to survey the site, deploy the AP's, integration with the centralized management console and securing access per user basis.
  • The refreshment project enabled this manufacturing site to swiftly and securely run business applications using their wireless laptops, wireless IP phones and wireless handheld scanners for the inventor.

What solutions did we provide

  • Wireless Surveys and heatmaps using AirMagnet.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cisco Aironet's Access points.
  • Centralized management using Cisco's Wireless LAN controller.
  • Secured/Segregated access and MDM integration using Cisco's Identity Service Engine.

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