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Welcome to Excis - one world, one team – solving your international IT needs!

Our History

Founded in Belgium in 2001 as an IT services company, Excis expanded across Europe and established it’s HQ in the UK. The delivery of 24/7 support was followed by the provision of end-to-end solutions, including IT and audiovisual design, installation and servicing.

Excis today

Excis enjoys a strong global presence, serving a diverse range of clients and providing cross-border international IT services. We have built up a worldwide network of over 6000 engineers who provide a seamless installation and maintenance solution which aligns with the international requirements of our clients. Our network continues to grow through our many entities worldwide and our ever- expanding footprint across the globe.

Outsourcing - Fully managed services

1. Cover over 100 countries

  •  Use own staff, typically 90% of the time
  •  10 % typically with contractors for backfill or for very low volume locations

4. Mixture

  •  Between permanently Onsite Engineers, Remote Services Engineers, Depot Services Engineers, warranty repairs, logistics and warehousing.

2. Currently over 50,000 tickets per month across various clients

5. Most cost effective in the market

  •  Back offices in Madagascar, India and South Africa

3. 75 + enterprise clients

  •  References upon request

6. Billing

  •   Central or local in country where possible.

Compliance & Staffing

The Issue

It can be very expensive to set up and run a company in a country where you have only a few employees and a small office. The legal and accounting fees alone can be prohibitive.

The EXCIS solution

With Excis you are in safe hands, we are the local experts worldwide. We give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business, leaving staffing and recruiting to us, your global and local experts.

We offer the following services

  •  Staff Contracts
  •  Expense administration
  •  Book keeping
  •  VAT administration
  •  Payroll administration
  •  Insurance
  •  Paying local suppliers
  •  Assistance with local language difficulties
  •  IT Support Technicians in Changchun
  •  End user support

Excis Accreditations

Our Services

What we offer

  • Compliance
  • Business Video
  • 24/7 Support
  • Wifi Experts
  • Data Security consulting
  • Data centres Servers, Cabling
  • NOC & Help Desk
  • Voice over IP experts
  • Warehouse and Logistics for IT
  • End User Support

Our Employees

At Excis our employees are our most important resource.

We believe that the success of the organization can be gauged from how happy its employees are. Our HR policies are formulated with an aim to motivate and support staff in all areas of their personal and professional growth. We ensure a good work-life balance and have introduced initiatives for knowledge transfer and flexible hours across the globe. Our employees can build exciting careers, with the host of opportunities we provide, to interact and collaborate with both, clients and other employees on a global scale.

We are not just cost-effective in our services but Excis attracts talented, trained and qualified technical staff who bring with them a wealth of experience and unparalled expertise. There is no doubt that our clients too, prefer us over other IT service providers.

We are a global business and do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race nationality, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religious belief, disability or type of employment.


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