Excis has 2 types of engineers: Fulltime engineers dedicated to one site and floating engineers who support dispatch sites and provide backup support for full-time engineers. Engineer rates are agreed with clients based on skillset requirements after which Excis sources candidates with the necessary qualifications and number of years of onsite experience to fulfill client needs. Excis recruitment process is as follows: 1. HR Team receives a request from Excis Project/Service Manager. 2. HR Team evaluates the request and checks that all relevant information has been provided by the requestor (country, site address/location, number of positions, job title, line manager at Excis, budget, start date, length of engagement etc.) Should any detail be incomplete, the HR team will revert to the requestor for missing information. 3. Once the recruiter has gathered all the necessary details, she/he will check the existing internal pool of CV’s for that specific country, post ads on job portals and buy CV’s if required. 4. The recruiter screens and shortlists resume and technical online assessment with shortlisted candidates. 5. Candidates who pass the technical online assessment and HR interview are passed on to Project/Service Manager for an interview. 6. Once candidates are approved by the PM team, their final technical interview and language assessment will be held with one of our local senior engineers who then makes the final decision. This step is unnecessary in the event that the candidate has scored over 90% of the online assessment and has already been finally approved by HR and the PM team. 7. Should the candidate fail any of the above steps, will they be dropped from the recruitment process. 8. Once the correct candidate has been found, the recruiter will agree on the start date with the client and pass the candidate to Excis HR team for onboarding.